Decoding the profiles our first TransNational Access (TNA) call for proposals – visualizations unveiled

We are thrilled to present a comprehensive visual analysis of the proposals received during our 1st standard TNA call for projects (in Spring 2023). We invite you to engage with its detailed and visually captivating elements!

As we provide scientists in academia and industry with analytical tools that enable them to explore the properties of their recyclable materials, these data visualizations stand as a testament to the new scientific collaborations that have already surfaced thanks to our EU funded project.

The first set of visualizations delves into the profile aspects of all received proposals. By meticulously categorizing submissions based on geographical regions, Circular Economy areas, and techniques (provided by infrastructures and networks), one can gain valuable insights into the diversity and focus of the proposals.
These visualizations not only showcase the reach of our 1st call but also highlight the sectors that have sparked the greatest interest within the project community.

The set of statistics on slide 2 shows the distribution of genders among the proposals’ applicants.
It offers more than just numerical insights; it underscores our commitment to fairness, equal opportunity, and an environment that values the contributions of all genders.

Each visualization tells a unique story, weaving together the aspirations, innovation, and dedication of the project proponents. This visual journey not only aids us in evaluating the proposals but also reinforces our commitment to transparency and evidence-based decision-making.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in our 1st standard TNA call for projects.  As we open the 2nd TNA call today, we eagerly anticipate the positive changes that these projects will undoubtedly bring, via the Circular Economy, to our community and to society.

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