The continuous monitoring of the project’s activities is an integral part of ReMade@ARI. Equally important is the implementation of an accompanying impact assessment to estimate the project’s effect on the associated project partners and the user communities, as well as the economy and society at large.

We use a threefold framework to investigate the internal and external effects of the project. More specifically, we focus our analysis on People, Processes, and Products.

At its core, the operationalization of the impact framework builds on a multi-perspective approach that includes subjective views that are generated in interviews, surveys and evaluations, objective
measures which build on the analysis of data from the user portal, in-depth case studies that follow impact pathways in detail, and observations made by the impact assessment team throughout the project’s life-cycle.

A coherent data management plan ensures that the process of data collection, analysis, and data conservation is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.